Splash from the past

Whilst restoring blog post photos from the archives, I ran across the splash page images I used on Leather Egg in 2004 and 2005. They included some of my photos as well as some political and pop culture events of the timeframe. I no longer have the text that went with them, but for archival purposes I’ve posted the images here in gallery format.

The Diesel Devil

Through the entirety of fall 2009, one thing filled a lot of my spare time: waiting for a new car. After owning several vehicles I bought “off the lot” I was finally in a position to order something I wanted and wait for it to be built. In this case, it was quite a long wait — almost 10 weeks. I ordered it while the BMW factory was on it’s month-long August vacation, and it would be built in Germany, necessitating a very long shipping process. It’s a BMW 335d — the “d” stands for diesel. After nearly 2 months in this car, I could not be happier — and I wonder why diesel vehicles are not catching on more quickly in the US. This car is a “green” car in every sense of the word. Ultra-low emissions. High efficiency (I’ve been getting 31 to 38 mpg). And it sure is nice passing Priuses (sp?) at 75 mph knowing I’m getting better mileage than them, and doing it in a vehicle that could be doing 120 in a matter of seconds after I stomp on the accelerator.

And the color — green as well. Tasman green, to be exact, which is not one of BMW’s most popular, but I love it. Here are some pics I took the week after getting it back in early November. I originally posted these in an online BMW forum where I spent hours upon hours obsessing with the other fanboys (and a few girls), where the brand’s aficionados are very passionate (and helpful and fun). I detailed the car and picked a nice location for some late afternoon shots, which really brings out the best in the Tasman green. Unfortunately, without a garage it will be a few more months until it’s this clean again.