About Ron

My name is Ron Yeany. My professional career is in IT/web publishing services for a major Boston-area university. I manage a team of really smart people who develop cool web sites, smart phone apps, and awesome web-based applications.

I’ve been on the Web in some form or another since 1994 and have been blogging since summer 1996 (long before anyone uttered the words blog, tweet, facebook, etc.).

  • Entries posted prior to March 2000 were originally published at doublefeature.com.
  • Entries posted between March 2000 and May 2009 were originally published at leatheregg.com.
  • Entries posted between May 2009 and September 2011 were originally published at ronyeany.com.
  • In September 2011 all content and archives were moved to ronyeany.wordpress.com.
  • For a detailed history of the site designs, see About The Blog.

My claims to blog fame (or notoriety) include a 2001 Bloggies nomination for leatheregg.com in the Best GLBT Weblog category, and I’m the author of The Blogger Code — a wildly successful meme on leatheregg.com in January 2002 (archived version at WaybackMachine). I also contributed The Blogger Code as a chapter for the book We’ve Got Blog.

All entries and comments remain publicly available on archive pages. I reserve the right to delete inappropriate, offensive, or stupid comments. Comments are disabled on (most) archive posts.

With leatheregg.com I registered the site with an ISSN: 1534-0716

All original content (text, photos, and graphics) is copyright the owner and should not be used elsewhere without permission. I may use images on blog entries from other sources under fair use guidelines of copyright law, and will credit the source in the image code where available.

Before the widespread advent of personal computers I worked in publishing and graphic design where we did things “the old-fashioned way” — halftones on a stat camera, typesetting paper that went through chemical baths, X-acto knives and a wax coater, and broadsheet-sized negatives that we drove to the printers every night.

In my free time I enjoy listening to music, taking photographs, watching movies or television series, and discovering new and interesting craft beers. Personality-wise, I’m an ISFJ. I also follows sports closely — I’m a big football fan, both college and NFL, as well as baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates are my favorite team, but the Red Sox were my favorite American League team before I moved to Boston. Pirates vs. Red Sox is still my dream World Series.


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