Splash from the past

Whilst restoring blog post photos from the archives, I ran across the splash page images I used on Leather Egg in 2004 and 2005. They included some of my photos as well as some political and pop culture events of the timeframe. I no longer have the text that went with them, but for archival purposes I’ve posted the images here in gallery format.


There is a pulse after all. I’m dusting off the blog, and just finished restoring all the photos in the archives. I know there’s still a ton of broken links, but I’ll get to them one of these days. This weekend I’m fighting off a cold, and doing mindless stuff like this makes me feel less sick, I guess. Getting all the old photos back was a fun trip down memory lane to the early days — back when self-publishing was more fun and nobody called these website thingies “blogs.”

Peonies and the Park

Last year we planted an ornamental onion and two peonies in a raised planter smack in the middle of our ferns. The onion bloomed last year, but the peonies did not. This year, reverse that by two-thirds. The onion is gone, and one of the two peonies sent up around 8 flowers. Also added to Flickr photostream is this panorama of Central Park that I took from the roof garden at the Met. I used the Panorama app on my iPhone, and the phone literally became warm while it was processing this one, but it did a fantastic job. Click for BIG full-sized version. This was all the Panorama app – I did no post-processing.

Central Park panaroma

In the Same (Sunken) Boat with the Steelers

The 2008 season was great for both of my football passions — the Steelers won the Super Bowl, and my fantasy team won the Fantasy Bowl. ¬†And as defending champs, both passions shared the same fate for the 2009 season which ended Sunday night — missed the playoffs.

My fantasy team was out after week 14, finishing with a 7-7 record despite having (at the time) the 3rd highest points in the league. I finished with the 4th highest points in the league and will get an award for top points of non-playoff teams. Matt Forte and Greg Jennings were big disappointments this year, and the rest of my stud players (Tom Brady, MoJo Drew, Roddy White, Derrick Mason) were all wildly inconsistent.

As for the Steelers, this was not a surprise. They won Sunday but didn’t get the help from other teams that they needed. Their special teams were atrocious for big sections of the year, and you can’t lose 5 in a row (including a pair of 27-24 embarrassments to Oakland and Kansas City) and expect to get the chance to defend your title.

The NFL playoffs have lost a lot of my interest. And with Wes Welker’s season-ending injury, I’ll be surprised to see the Patriots go far. Time to focus on the Penguins and look forward to spring training.