ooh, a shadow

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow again this morning, which means six more weeks of winter. Is it just me, or did January seem to go by in the blink of an eye? After getting clobbered by three major storms in mid-December that left us with nearly 3 feet of snow on the ground, I can see grass in the backyard and the high temperature today is forecast for near 50 degrees. Not that I expect this to continue, because mid-February to mid-March always seems to pack of worst of winter’s punches in New England. I suppose I should make my flight plans for the Key West vacation today. And groundhog day reminded me of this blog from the archives: 7 years ago today on Leather Egg: alfalfa fields and hot groundhog sex.

like a fat frog jumping lilypads

Liberace once said “when the reviews are bad, I tell myself that they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank.” He should have added that bad reviews can also be hilarious. Check out some of the choice quotes at Metacritic’s roundup on Georgia Rule, the recent movie with Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman, and Lindsay Lohan.

  • A warm family comedy about child molestation. (Washington Post)
  • Do not take your mom unless she’s Roseanne Barr. (New York Post)
  • Certain words should be reserved for special occasions. “Abysmal” is one of them, and this is as special as such occasions get. (Wall Street Journal)
  • The actors often seem to be acting in different movies. (Toronto Globe & Mail)
  • It’s as if [the film] were made by Martian anthropologists who assume that human audiences are as twisted as the people on-screen. (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • It doesn’t make you feel good; it makes you queasy. (USA Today)
  • Jane Fonda made a comeback to do dreck like this and “Monster-in-Law?” (Premiere Magazine)
  • It suggests an Ingmar Bergman script as directed by Jerry Lewis. The subject matter is grim, the relationships are gnarled, the worldview is bleak, and, at any given moment, you suspect someone’s going to be hit with a pie. (Variety)
  • It’s a dramedy whose blend of melodrama and humor is awkward and incongruous, leaping between the two modes like a fat frog jumping lilypads. (Austin Chronicle)

the Snickers kiss

“For those of us not offended by the Snickers ad campaign, there rested in the twelve hour maelstrom something terribly depressing and clarifying about the pulleys and levers used to operate some quarters of gay activism.”

— Robbie at The Malcontent, a new addition to my blog links.

In my opinion, this manufactured outrage by gay activists is embarrassing, selfish, and very short-sighted. But they’ve managed to get Mars to pull the ad campaign. All this fuss over a commercial that was amusing if only for the fact it was so stupid, and a web site with equally stupid alternate endings (in place of pulling of chest hair) and some NFL player reactions that were, on the whole, taken wildly out of context. Or maybe I just see it differently because I have a sense of humor.