Peonies and the Park

Last year we planted an ornamental onion and two peonies in a raised planter smack in the middle of our ferns. The onion bloomed last year, but the peonies did not. This year, reverse that by two-thirds. The onion is gone, and one of the two peonies sent up around 8 flowers. Also added to Flickr photostream is this panorama of Central Park that I took from the roof garden at the Met. I used the Panorama app on my iPhone, and the phone literally became warm while it was processing this one, but it did a fantastic job. Click for BIG full-sized version. This was all the Panorama app – I did no post-processing.

Central Park panaroma

hungry bug


The red lily beetle has quite the striking appearance, and this one had quite the appetite today. It didn’t mind sitting for a few closeups. Another photo is in my Flickr photostream. Enjoy the smorgasbord while it lasts, bug. Tomorrow I mix up the neem oil.