Splash from the past

Whilst restoring blog post photos from the archives, I ran across the splash page images I used on Leather Egg in 2004 and 2005. They included some of my photos as well as some political and pop culture events of the timeframe. I no longer have the text that went with them, but for archival purposes I’ve posted the images here in gallery format.


There is a pulse after all. I’m dusting off the blog, and just finished restoring all the photos in the archives. I know there’s still a ton of broken links, but I’ll get to them one of these days. This weekend I’m fighting off a cold, and doing mindless stuff like this makes me feel less sick, I guess. Getting all the old photos back was a fun trip down memory lane to the early days — back when self-publishing was more fun and nobody called these website thingies “blogs.”

Rest in Peace, TheBrad

Brad Graham was an inspiration to me, as I’m sure he was to many bloggers who’ve been around for the long haul. He’s been on my bookmarks list forever, even though he hasn’t written regularly on his blog in a few years (I know the feeling). It’s a real shock to learn of Brad’s death that was reported today. His Facebook page, which he last updated New Year’s Eve, is now an outpouring of love, remembrances, and the grief of his friends.

Just a few days ago, I retweeted one his Twitter posts. It was just a quick yet clever observation that showed his abundant wit: “iSlate = is late.” It’s pretty damn funny if you’re a Mac fanboy (as Brad was), and I thought it was another of those “perfect Brad” tweets. Unfortunately, it was also one of his last.

For many years, Brad’s blog was always THE FIRST STOP on April Fools Days when you fired up your web browser, and he never failed to deliver a temporary re-branding that left the reader in stitches. We won’t get to break bread with Brad ever again, but going forward I’ll have a nip and a toast every April 1st to remember TheBrad.

it's all connected … somehow

Happy Patriot’s Day! It’s a holiday for me, so I’ve taken my bonus holiday to sleep in, eat a fresh peach-blueberry-almond muffin I baked last night, and watch some morning baseball (the traditional start time for the Red Sox is 11am).

I’ve also spent the day working on my blog renovations. There are so many plugins and options. Apparently all the sites I use (at least the non-porn ones) and all the content I maintain can know what each other is doing. Theoretically (now or at some point in the near future), all this stuff should be happening:

  • my recent tweets should appear on the blog (check)
  • my recent tweets should post on Facebook (check)
  • new blog posts are announced on Facebook (check)
  • new blog posts are announced on Twitter (check)
  • Flickr photos show up on the blog (check)
  • Flickr photos show up on Facebook (investigating this)
  • post mobile photos to Flickr (check)
  • post mobile photos to the blog via Flickr (check)
  • posting to Flickr will alert Twitter via Twitterfeed (check)

I don’t know about you, but I almost need a diagram to figure out what the heck is going on. Am I unleashing a continuous loop where my updates are just updating about the fact that something has been updated? On the other hand, I’m a completist and I have the nagging feeling I’m missing something — that crucial missing link that I just know I’ll need someday when I want to twitter about a flickr post that I tried to blog when I was stuck on the subway with someone I met on Facebook.

UPDATE: I just discovered (and installed) a plugin for Aperture, Apple’s photo management studio that I use, that allows me to export directly from Aperture to Flickr. Total geekfest getting all this stuff working!