Wagon Train

In the early days of blogging, I used software programs like Dreamweaver to manage a growing number of HTML files that comprised my website. When I outgrew that I converted my files into database entries in a content management system. I went from one content management system to another. It was like a wagon train — I changed wheels and hooked up to different horses, but kept my content in my own wagon.

Facebook changed the way people blogged. A lot of personal blogging went to Facebook and other forms of social media. I stopped blogging regularly. After a while, I posted more on Facebook. I succumbed to the Borg. I spent a whole baseball season posting about almost every baseball game the Pirates played, and there were good comments and conversation.

All on Facebook. Not in my wagon.

I’m pushing the pendulum in the other direction. Fuck social media. Through the magic of all this wonderful technology I will use Facebook, and I will use Twitter to highlight my writing on my website. If you want to read it, you can click the link and read it on my blog. I welcome  comments and conversation on my blog.  I’m back in my own wagon. Giddyup.