you can't spell "clueless" without "GOP"

When Dick Cheney is still making star turns on FOX “News” a full three months after he was wheeled out of office, you know there’s a power vacuum in the Republican party. And over the past month or so, it seems like the circus has rushed into that vacuum. Teabaggers. Secessionists. Torture apologists. Christian Nationalists. All those, and the usual hypocrites, are rounded up and dismissed by the facts in U.S. History for Dummies, another great post from Ghost in the Machine.

One thought on “you can't spell "clueless" without "GOP"

  1. Yes and is his daughter going to be asked to run as a vice pres.? I think all this hatefull speach about the Health Care Bill needs to be flushed w/ the other clueless crap. Come on people!

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