this too shall pass

I’m counting down the final minutes here on an era that I’m certain will go down as a dark stain on America’s history. I’d start a list, but I don’t have that kind of free time. Would I count just the massive failures, or just the gross incompetencies, or just the blatant treasons, or just the missed opportunities at any sort of common sense, or … you see the trap — I’d need an outline just to compile a full list of the Bush atrocities.

Worst president ever?

I’m watching on CNN as I type. They’re wheeling Dick Cheney out of the White House in a wheelchair. It’s a striking parallel to the state of this country — the US is essentially in a wheelchair, and will be dumped into the lap of Barack Obama in an hour or so. We’ve survived the Bush years. Barely.


On election night, when Obama was projected as the winner, I turned to Marlin and started singing the Grateful Dead (from “Truckin”): “What a long, strange trip it’s been” before giving him a big hug. I had also been working on my own take of the iconic Obama poster (above), which I never got around to posting.

And while I’m posting the Obama related pics, here was our 2008 ornament for the Christmas tree (below). I hand-painted it — picked up a plain ornament and paints at Michael’s crafts for less than $5. I probably could have made a nice chunk of money for it on eBay, but it will be fun to hang it on the tree every year (and hopefully add 2012 to the 2008 I painted on the reverse).


Today it’s a celebration here. Marlin and I both took the day off work (we briefly considered going to Washington, but we reconsidered within days). Instead, we are watching the ceremonies on television and shortly after we have a new president, we’ll hit the kitchen for our inaugural dinner preparations. We’ll be eating what the Obama’s are eating at their inaugural luncheon today, thanks to the Inaugural Committee’s decision to post menus and recipes on the web. Our menu includes some of Lincoln’s favorites: duck breast with cherry chutney, molasses whipped sweet potatoes, winter vegetables (asparagus, baby brussel sprouts, wax beans, carrots), and cinnamon apple sponge cake. It’s good hearty American food, especially if you’ve got a deep hunger for real change. Celebrate!

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  1. I, too, spent over five hours watching the inauguration. I am pretty sure it is the first inauguration I was glued to. What a gloriously happy day it was for our country. And speaking of country, was I the only one that chuckled when Aretha sang, “My Cunt (long pause) Tree Tis of thee”?

    Go Steelers!

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