so they loaded up the truck and they moved back to Wasilla, yeehaw

I would just love to have known what thoughts were going through Senator John McCain’s mind at the moment pictured here on election night. He had just finished what I considered to be a graceful concession speech, albeit a speech interrupted by ugly and inappropriate outbursts from his gathered supporters. After the speech, and at the time of this photo, he gave Sarah Palin a rather stiff and cold embrace. After McCain turned away, Palin’s body language gave a visible sigh. My guess is that his thoughts included an ugly word that he’s been known to use from time to time and that also rhymes with runt. Maybe he said “see you next Tuesday, Sarah.” And with today’s headlines, the knives are out and we’re finding out what a truly historic over-reach the selection of Sarah Palin was. She thought Africa was a country. She didn’t know what countries were involved in the NAFTA agreement. She had tantrums that brought staff to tears. She once greeted two of McCain’s top advisors wearing only a towel and suggested they chat with her husband Todd for a bit (whom sources described as “laconic”) until she was ready. And the big shopping spree to outfit her and her family for the campaign? It was apparently far worse than has been reported to date. One insider described it as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast.”

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  1. Hey – that all may be true, but it doesn’t make me feel bad for McCain in the least. He’s the one that picked her! He may be thinking less that complimentary thoughts about her, but as the guy who chose her as his running mate, I can think of a few words for him.

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