my debut album

my-album-cover-meme.jpgThis is a fun blog meme (found via Max): create your own album cover. And there’s my album cover to the right. Get your band name from a random Wikipedia entry. Get your album title from the last 4 words of the last quotation on a random quotes page. And finally, get your album cover art from the 3rd photo on a page of random photos from Flikr. And there you have it — the name of my band is Uninstaller, the album title “forgetting what might sting” comes from a quote by Mary Caroline Davies, and my album cover art comes from this fantastic photo by John© on flickr.

The album title and photo were derived exactly as the meme instructs, but I had to cheat a bit on the band name. My first “band name” was a village in Hungary: Füzérradvány. It’s certainly a cool name, but I can’t pronounce the damn thing and I figured if you can’t pronounce your band name, it’s perfectly OK to pick randomly again. My second random Wikipedia name actually turned out to be a real band name — Madball — so I ruled it ineligible. Third time was the charm: Uninstaller.

2 thoughts on “my debut album

  1. Awesome album, Ron–from the title to the band to the cover art. Oh, and I followed some links from your previous post (about Dreamhost) and decided that the combo of this mix-up and those insufferably cutesy monthly newsletters made for a perfect reason to drop them like a hot potato!

  2. Totally, totally agree on the incredibly annoying newsletter. Mine go straight into the cybertrash. The funny thing is, their first big explanatory blog post about the big billing snafu was also in that same “insufferably cutesy” manner and tone, and a lot of the commenters rightly chastised them for taking a stupidly light-hearted approach to explaining a serious problem.

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