the logo gets wings

just-the-egg.gifI wasn’t planning on redesigning the Leather Egg logo when I launched the new redesign, but after looking at the new design a few days, I decided the old logo looked too plain. So what started out as a leather egg (to the right, existing only in Photoshop, however), became an egg outline swoosh, and now the swoosh has grown wings. I think the wings work on several levels, and I like mixing tribal with the swoosh style.

This was a fun little diversion. I enjoy logo design and the challenges it represents. I wanted to keep my version of a swoosh, even though swoosh is being way way overused. Giving swoosh a run for it’s money nowadays are leaf logos. Another ongoing trend is glossy spheres, which hit a low point recently with the new Xerox logo.I love the font, but the glossy sphere just reminds me of a Pizza Hut mint (if they still give out those red/white mints with your check … I haven’t eaten at Pizza Hut in years).

So there you go … the Leather Egg logo now has wings, and I’ll consider this version 9.1 of the site design. And if you want the full effect of the new logo, I just posted the brand new splash page.