thought process to a redesign

One evening last week, I had updated the photo in the blog banner using this shot. It’s a clever photo Marlin took of me while we were in Seattle. I really like the fact I’m looking at the camera through the small space between the panels that are either tinted blue or red. I think it’s a good analogy for a building political climate in the U.S. that’s more exciting than anything I have seen in my lifetime. But this isn’t an Obama blog … I’m sure there will be plenty of those.

Marlin got all excited because he thought it was the first time I was using one of his photos in the blog banner. I quickly corrected him — I used a Florida Keys sunrise shot he took several years ago as the regular blog banner in versions 3 and 4 of this blog. In fact, I showed him … I have a history page about the designs.

Of course, I started glancing through the history page and realized a few things: I should blog more often; I should redesign; and wholly crap — come February, it will be TEN YEARS since I started blogging. Granted, I was one of the early ones out there on the cutting edge before these online journal/log/diary things became known as “blogs” but still — 10 years!

And so I redesigned — welcome to version 9 of Leather Egg. I’m still cleaning up a few things and haven’t touched the gallery yet, but as I’ve said when introducing previous redesigns, it’s always a work in progress.

UPDATE: I made one of those “I should have known better” mistakes: I didn’t test the design at 1024-pixel screen width. At that common screen size, the banner photo disappeared at the right edge of the page just before the iris of my eye … leaving a spooky white eyeball. I’ve since re-cropped the photo. One of the things about the new design is that it is fluid, functional and legible even up to very wide screen sizes. But I have make sure my banner images work equally well at both narrow and wide screen sizes.

7 thoughts on “thought process to a redesign

  1. Hey Ron, very stylin’! Ten years of blogging, that’s amazing. You should definitely blog more, but only when you’re moved to write.

    It was great seeing you guys on New Year’s Eve. We need to get together more often.

  2. Think about scooting the image a little further left, so your left eye shows the iris, or at least part of it. The white by itself looks spooky.

  3. Oh and one more thing…this is a tad off topic, but I read through some of your archived stuff and learned that Nick’s step dad died. Wow…what did he die from?

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