Harry Potter and the Treasure Trail

Now that actor Daniel Radcliffe, who plays the title role in the Harry Potter films, has turned 18 years old (as of earlier this week) let me get this out of my system: he is hot. Many of the photos he has posed for recently (and especially the one here at right, lifted from Ashton Cruz’s Zoo [nsfw]) show confidence, maturity, and a smoldering sexuality. Eighteen-year-olds usually never turn my head in *that* manner, but Daniel here is a rare exception. And as distracting as the perky nipples and the bountiful treasure trail are, it’s impossible to overlook the vivid piercing blue eyes.

Daniel has also been making waves on the stage in the UK, showing the full monty in Equus. That also produced another round of hot publicity photos, although I doubt the authenticity of the purported full frontal nude with the horse — I think that’s the work of a fellow horndog out there somewhere who is very proficient in Photoshop. That’s doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort, however. I wonder if there would have been a moral outcry had a then-17-year-old Radcliffe performed in a nude scene on stage in this country. Sadly, I think there would have been.

So belated Happy Birthday to Daniel, and welcome to the age of consent. And I promise I will appreciate your beauty and talent without making any jokes about your magic wand.


  1. Fredo · July 27, 2007

    “And I promise I will appreciate your beauty and talent without making any jokes about your magic wand.”

    Too late. 😉

  2. shel · July 27, 2007

    usually I prefer a bit of maturity in my men, but Mr. Radcliffe has become a rather tasty morsel, IMHO.

  3. David K. · July 27, 2007

    Howdee Ron!

    Great piece. Can you email me at the above addie. I can’t find your email anywhere on your blog.


  4. Adrian Weldon · December 12, 2007

    even though daniel got into equus i still think he’s HOT!!!

  5. JP - Melb · December 13, 2007

    Your a perverted old man!

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