the squirrels ate my Baby's

I make no secret I’m a coffee snob. When I make coffee at home, it’s always filtered water and fresh-ground beans. Try handing me a can of Folgers and the reaction you’ll get will resemble a vampire reacting to the cross. Over the past several years, I’ve been ordering my coffee beans exclusively from Baby’s Coffee in Key West. Current favorites are Fausto’s Palace Roast, Testaroasta, and Sexpresso. A few weeks ago, I placed an order for 6 pounds of coffee. USPS left the delivery on our side porch — the side porch near our walnut tree, where all the squirrels hang out. This would be the same squirrels who, earlier this year, chewed through a plastic birdfood container AND stole a bag of two donuts I sat on the porch while I was around the corner talking with a neighbor. And apparently, the squirrels like Baby’s Coffee, as noted by this photographic evidence. I must say, however, that Marlin and I have gotten several hearty laughs imagining our super-caffeinated squirrels.

And yeah, the stories about the squirrels earlier this year would make good blog fodder, had I been writing here with any sort of regularity. It hasn’t been lack of topics, and it hasn’t been a post-election depression/withdrawal. Both Marlin and I have been (to invoke proper New England terminology) wicked busy. The thing is, I’ve gone through extremely busy periods in the past where I still wrote here regularly. I should just make a resolution to not neglect the blog starting in 2005.

I added about 4 dozen new photos to the gallery last night. Most of them are from our trip to LA over Thanksgiving, including sequoias in the giant forest, the new LA cathedral, the new Gehry-designed Disney Concert Hall, and a couple beautiful shots near dusk high up in the Sierra Nevadas.

Happy holidays!

4 thoughts on “the squirrels ate my Baby's

  1. Yeah, that’s the problem. Once you neglect your weblog for a month or so from being busy, it’s hard to get back to it. Same with email. I think I still have an email open in response to one of yours that I started writing back in… I think March. Gah!

  2. As ambassador to Earth from the S – S – S – Squirrelon Empire I abhor your c -c -crass accusations! Chhhhhrrrrrr Chrrrrrrr Chrrrrr *Twitch* *jerk* *jump* * nod* *glance* Your “so called” photographic evidence is meaningless. Just as you humans have so oft demonstarted by the planting of spurious evidence during your ‘”HIGH NUTHEAD” popularity contest! *jump* *jerk* *jook* *twitch* These sort of b-b-b-baseless accusations will not g-g-g-go unanswered!!!! I must r-r-r-run *twitch* *nod* jerk* r-r-r-read the mother f-f-f-f-fucking m-m-memo, Nutborer!

  3. Funny you should talk about coffee. I was makiing it this morning and could help reflect on the lovely braun coffee grinder(still in use) my beloved and I received as a wedding gift from this site’s creator. Ying, I was just reading your Christmas card and lamenting on our 0-14 season when I thought I’d check out this blog. Seems all is well. We just put the boys to bed and will start the Santa’s helper routine. Elli just yelled at me, my cat is licking the cookies she’s been making. My cat, Rooney (named after the Steelers owner) is a BIG tomcat we got when we lived in Lancaster to keep the field mice population down. He serves his purpose and he’s now MY CAT as Elli would put it. I’m typing and wrestling with him now, whenever I’m at the computer, he’ll show up for attention and if he dosen’t get it, it’s a fight. Anyway, hope alll is well with you, Marlin,and Winston. As always, you folks have an open invitation here in the Laurel Highlands for a visit.
    Rich Elli & the boys.

  4. Rich, your 0-14 season (now 0-16) is lamentable, but there was also a good deal of bad luck scheduling and bad luck injuries. Fortunately, with the parity in our league, it can be turned around. Look at what David did.

    In any case, I hope to schedule a Pittsburgh weekend to see the Pirates in 2005, and will definitely keep you posted of any plans.

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