the nation's largest trash hauler

Junk mail is the primary cause of the problems with the U.S. postal system, which announced yesterday it is studying the possibility of ending Saturday delivery.

The postal system has grown into a monstrously fat bureaucracy and it has gotten this way by charging reduced rates to bulk mailers who are sending me tons of crap that go directly from my hand into the wastebasket a bag for recycling, further burdening a waste management system that is running out of places to dump all this garbage. What is wrong with this picture, folks?

I receive a lot of mail, and at least 80 percent of it is unsolicited. Your mileage my vary, but I’d guess that at least half of everyone’s mail is unsolicited. The companies and individuals that are sending us junk mail have financed a huge growth of the postal infrastructure. Meanwhile, the use of e-mail and online services have substantially decreased the income from first class mail.

Dave makes a good argument for reducing the size of the infrastructure. I’d take it one step further and eliminate bulk postage rates. Yes, this would trigger a significant shakeout of the system with an extensive laundry list of problems to overcome. But it’s a better answer than continuing to support the current system that’s losing money and struggling to increase revenues.

We need a smaller system financed by people who are sending and receiving mail of some importance. What we have now is the nation’s largest trash hauler.

4 thoughts on “the nation's largest trash hauler

  1. What do you usually get in the way of mail on satudays? A couple of catalog’s and fliers! I just talked with a friend of mine who is retiring from the usps and he tells me that sat mail is generally not really that, ( mail ) but instead just over time that is just spent by delivering “programmed” stuff. Do you ever get anything of consequence on sat??? I don’t its just the CRAP. I for one would love to see discontinued.

  2. This is backwards, and doesn’t change anything. It just means you’ll get the stuff on Monday instead, and they’ll have that much more stuff to deliver on Monday. The real problem is the stupid offers for FREE SIDING!!! and CHEAP BUG SPRAYING!!! I get with “Have you seen me?” on the back. I rent the house, and no, I haven’t seen little Jenny. In fact, I ignore most kids. Stop mailing this crap to me.

    The catalogs I can take care of. I have no idea who sends that stuff.

  3. i love getting mail on saturdays! it’s true i don’t get much in the way of ‘real’ (i.e., actually for *me* rather than ‘resident’) mail anyway, but saturday is that nice day where you don’t have to work but you still get mail.

    don’t ask me why, but it works for me. i’d hate to see saturday mail delivery go away.

  4. Let’s not cancel everyone’s bulkmail account. Nonprofit agencies depend on those reduced postal rates to keep the community invested in their missions. There are lots of groups that depend on reaching donors to do important work for at-risk populations. If postal rates were higher, then fewer services would happen. So, let’s just cut the bulk mail discounts for commercial ventures, okay? BTW, great site.

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