confessions of a coffee snob

Last night was the first time in about 3 weeks I’ve gone to sleep before midnight. And after 11½ hours of sleep, I feel as though I’ve just come out of hibernation.

I’m sitting here now enjoying coffee and a bagel. I didn’t mention this earlier in the week while recounting my NYC trip, but New Yawkers do not know how to make coffee (in all fairness, Boston is no different). After trying the coffee in several restaurants, I usually found myself popping into the nearest Starbucks for real coffee. And there are about as many Starbucks in NYC as there are cabs … the only difference is Starbucks doesn’t come to you if you stand on the street corner with your arm in the air. At least, not yet.

Yes, I’m a coffee snob. Here’s my coffee and bagel routine at home: I buy only fresh coffee beans at Peet’s (stores in Cambridge and Brookline). I keep the beans in the freezer. The night before making coffee, I take enough beans out of the freezer to make a pot of coffee and store them overnight at room temperature in an airtight container. In the morning, I grind the beans and brew a pot using cold filtered water. After the pot is finished brewing, I pour the coffee into in a preheated Zojirushi carafe. Mmmm. Fresh coffee for hours.

As for bagels, only bagel shop bagels will do (none of those icky grocery store substitutes). I go to the bagel shop early in the morning, buy them fresh, and pre-slice them before freezing. Thaw a frozen bagel for about an hour, and it’s almost as good as fresh-baked.

So you tell me … am I frighteningly obsessive-compulsive, or do you wish you were coming over to my house for coffee and bagels? Or both?

In other news, today I’m tearing apart the kitchen sink. Literally. I have a leak around my N·Sync·er·Ate·Her (or something like that) and I’m replacing the old faucet. So if I don’t blog tomorrow, you’ll know I’m busy mopping up my mess.

And you thought I might go a whole week without writing about football? Bwah ha ha ha ha ha! If my fantasy football team wins this weekend (current record 8-3) I will clinch my division championship for the second consecutive year and I’ll be guaranteed at least a #3 seed in the playoffs. Go Wildcats!

In other football news, if you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you gotta wonder if NFL game officials are betting against your team. The NFL admitted this week (and for the third time this season) that a blown call was made. Each of these 3 blown calls has potentially cost the Steelers (currently 5-5) a win.

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